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Our chatroom official: InflationNationChat

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The Inflation Nation is a group where art concerning nearly all kinds of inflation or expansion is welcome ^^ We also accept things that aren't exactly inflation, such as weight gain, pregnancy, vore, or anything similar.

When submitting, please do place them in the right gallery. Check the below for details.

Featured - Where nothing should go ^^;
Mal - For art directly related to the group mascot, Mal.
Fat or Food - If the character is gaining weight, being stuffed with food, or just large, they go here ^^
Pregnancy - Because pregnancy is beautiful, it gets its own folder ^^
M Pregnancy - Pregnant males here. Try not to mix preg and mpreg ^^;
Air - Helium, oxygen, smoke, anything in a gaseous state that fills ^^
Water or Liquid - Water, soda, beverages, oil, anything in a liquid state that fills ^^ Also slime.
Paws - If the object of the inflation is paws.
Breasts - Uh... Boobies! *Dies*
Butt or Bottom - Inflating the rear or bottom half? Here.
Vore - Ate your friend whole and live? Go here :3
Blueberry - Or anything similar
Magic - Potion or spell gone wrong or horribly right that results in getting bigger? Here you go ^^
Literature - The written word.
Undefined - If it somehow doesn't fit in the above categories but still inflation based.


We will have seasonal folders appear due to contests, secret santas, and other related thingies.







Group Info

Founded 4 Years ago
Jun 28, 2013


Group Focus
Common Interest

469 Members
709 Watchers
105,439 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Triple B Mal by RussellClark
Mal Ball by RussellClark
Mal-flation by RiddleAugust
Mal forms by RussellClark
Teh Inflation System
Experimental Inflation by BittyHeart
Sexy Bitty-loon by BittyHeart
Tri-Swimmer Tri-Flate by BittyHeart
Binki May Float by BittyHeart
Fat or Food
Rep - Eating Contest Alternative end by B12A
Collab - feedin a sharkwolf part 4 by B12A
Collab - feeding a sharkwolf part 3 by B12A
PC - Short supply, high demand by DaeBelly
That Cuca belly by Cardinal-Danadriel
PC - In need of a bigger shirt by DaeBelly
PC - Surfing beauty by DaeBelly
I will stomp on you, if you don't leave me alone by MysticalBearBun
M Pregnancy
Jumbo Over-June: Ludwig Von Koopa by BigBellyBirdy
PC - A maternal man's back by DaeBelly
PC - Getting big for just one by DaeBelly
Comic - This is fine by DaeBelly

Mature Content

Ember inflation by Goodster
TFI Round 2-Taffy by dantiscus

Mature Content

Luna drone pump inflate  by fallenandscattered
COM - Personal Time by Day-Tripper-Guy
Water or Liquid
Flame slime inflation by Goodster

Mature Content

Lurantis inflation by Goodster
Slime by MisterMisbehavior

Mature Content

Keimi Inflated by AsherahQueenofHeaven
Meowstic Paw Inflation by AlejandroDelFuego
Stomp-a-Thromp by Synonyx
Commission - Mary Sue by MorningPanda
Blissful Eeveeflation 2 by MattMacroPika
Cecily's Retail Job by SatsumaLord

Mature Content

H3 H3 H3 by moncho1
why yang? by moncho1
Demon Goddess Luna by error010255
Butt or Bottom

Mature Content

Point Commission: Stuffed Zack by MysticalBearBun
Big doggo on the hunt by Cardinal-Danadriel
Rarity Blueberry by MintyDrop793
Mind-flation by RusFish

Mature Content

Secret Santa Gifts

Mature Content

Secret Santa for sonofss2 by Avery-Hillpeak
Thanksgiving contest 2016
Thanksgiving Special: Trinity's Food Baby by JustSomeDamnArtGuy
Christmas contest 2016
Bearing Gifts by JustSomeDamnArtGuy



Submission rules + Want ads

Submission rules
(Read these before submitting or contributing anything!)
1. Submit to the correct folder!
2. Only contribute art that's presentable(I.e., don't contribute low-quality art. Art will be removed if it is low-quality.)
3. No bases or tracing(Use your imagination and skills, make something original!)
4. No trollbait/flamebait!(This shouldn't need explanation.)

Want ads

AlejandroDelFuego - Link to commission sheet. Will draw traditional sketch, digital sketch, line art, or full color. I am good with nonhumans, especially anthros and aliens. Pregnancy, hyper things, air/water inflation, but not good with fat. PayPal or gift cards from select stores accepted. Talk to me for details, as spots are completely open for now.
DaeBelly - Send a note with commission details for evaluation.
samboy999 - Looking for requests. To be considered send a note and we can discuss. Additional information on my profile.
cvetkanille Fat/Vore/Stuffing commissions; See price sheet for info.…
sonofss2-version2 - "Can you made a Mammoth Mutt and Zoe Trent inflation picture for my birthday, please?"
I deeply apologize for the long hiatus from contests. My schedule IRL prevented me from taking more than minimal action here, but now I can start making up for it.

The contest, like all the others before it, is based around the holiday of the month. This April, it's Easter, so draw something Easter related! Whether it's your character fat or stuffed from all the candy, pregnant with Easter Eggs or almost anything else related, you can submit it! Just make sure that it fits the theme. Literature works as well! As always, the winner gets a general gallery feature to help boost the popularity of their content.

And, to help our mascot, Mal, get some love, I'm offering a +2 modifier to anyone who draws Mal for the contest. (It's only fair as she hasn't gotten art since June 2nd in 2014)

IE, imagine ArtistA, ArtistB and ArtistC participate. ArtistB draws Mal. In the final vote, the score is
A: 11

ArtistB would get 2 added to their votes, making them the winner by 1.

That all said, the contest starts April 1st and ends April 30th, so you've got some time.

Remember, you miss every shot you don't take!
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The community's a lot bigger than you think, this is actually a medium sized group!

And I'm certainly glad that you've been polite about this. Most people come on screaming "ITS TIME TO STOP!!!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!-!1!!1!!!!!!" Like we can stop something that is essentially hardwired into our brains, right?
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you are true about the part where you can't change it but in my opinion i should have one due to other people doing that or the content being a little mature   
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