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Our chatroom official: InflationNationChat

The Inflation Nation is a group where art concerning nearly all kinds of inflation or expansion is welcome ^^ We also accept things that aren't exactly inflation, such as weight gain, pregnancy, vore, or anything similar.

When submitting, please do place them in the right gallery. Check the below for details.

Featured - Where nothing should go ^^;
Mal - For art directly related to the group mascot, Mal.
Fat or Food - If the character is gaining weight, being stuffed with food, or just large, they go here ^^
Pregnancy - Because pregnancy is beautiful, it gets its own folder ^^
M Pregnancy - Pregnant males here. Try not to mix preg and mpreg ^^;
Air - Helium, oxygen, smoke, anything in a gaseous state that fills ^^
Water or Liquid - Water, soda, beverages, oil, anything in a liquid state that fills ^^ Also slime.
Paws - If the object of the inflation is paws.
Breasts - Uh... Boobies! *Dies*
Butt or Bottom - Inflating the rear or bottom half? Here.
Vore - Ate your friend whole and live? Go here :3
Blueberry - Or anything similar
Magic - Potion or spell gone wrong or horribly right that results in getting bigger? Here you go ^^
Literature - The written word.
Undefined - If it somehow doesn't fit in the above categories but still inflation based.


We will have seasonal folders appear due to contests, secret santas, and other related thingies.


Group Info

Founded 5 Years ago
Jun 28, 2013


Group Focus
Common Interest

530 Members
785 Watchers
120,943 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Midnigth Lycanroc Balloon by inflatedtoon
Triple B Mal by RussellClark
Mal Ball by RussellClark
Mal-flation by RiddleAugust
Teh Inflation System

Mature Content

Do it right, or else! | SMUT / CM-FLATION | by SwagiliciousSadist
Gift - Ringo hugs to uncle Drew by B12A
Trade - Kernos Vore by B12A
Trad - Too Much Eggnog by B12A
Fat or Food

Mature Content

Gift - Sweet Desserts by SnakeJoe
Hundred Year Old Hunger by Katar789

Mature Content

FAnart: Mugen shoujo by DANYANTTO

Mature Content

tubby tomoko by KyillaKuween

Mature Content

Preggo Bird: Awake and Active by BigBellyBirdy
Preggo Bird: To the Rescue! by BigBellyBirdy
Prego Eating by CrimsonLantern11
Lilo And Stitch: Come Swim With Me by BigBellyBirdy
M Pregnancy
(Mpreg warning) Smile! - Triple Bad - 7 and 8 by ZachsAnomaIy
(Mpreg warning) Smile! - Triple Bad - 8 by ZachsAnomaIy
Gift OC: Perfect Day for Jogging by BigBellyBirdy
(Mpreg warning) Smile! - Triple Bad - 7 by ZachsAnomaIy
COM - Love Is In The Air - 2/? by Day-Tripper-Guy
Ultimate Spell by HyperFlannel
Inflated Mega-Audino (Pokemon) by inflatedtoon
[Commission] Sui, Karla and Sari by MechaCross
Water or Liquid
The water dragon is back! by dantiscus

Mature Content

Fancy a formal f-ck? | SMUT / CM-FLATION | by SwagiliciousSadist
AT-Unused to the pressure by dantiscus

Mature Content

The-Russian-Loli Group Pic. Comm. (digital) by ARegularBlueSlime
Paw Testing by Mistress--Phoenix
For Display purposes only before by Mistress--Phoenix

Mature Content

Paw Inflation? by Mistress--Phoenix
Meowstic Paw Inflation by AlejandroDelFuego
COM: The Expandables by HyperFlannel

Mature Content

Iffy's Demonic Surprise 9 (Request) by Morphy-McMorpherson

Mature Content

Christmas Lessons (Request) by Morphy-McMorpherson
Commissions are open! by dantiscus
Butt or Bottom
Amora Butt by MalimeQueen

Mature Content

Stuffed (COM) by DespairEclair

Mature Content

Censored COM: Factory Secret by HyperFlannel
Fi-ling Full by Katar789

Mature Content

Bad timing | UB | by SwagiliciousSadist
Secret Santa Gifts

Mature Content

Secret Santa for sonofss2 by Avery-Hillpeak
Thanksgiving contest 2016
Thanksgiving Special: Trinity's Food Baby by JustSomeDamnArtGuy
Christmas contest 2016
Bearing Gifts by JustSomeDamnArtGuy
YCH, Auctions, etc.

Mature Content

Angel adopt (CLOSED) by DespairEclair



Submission rules + Want ads

Submission rules
(Read these before submitting or contributing anything!)
1. Submit to the correct folder!
2. Only contribute art that's presentable(I.e., don't contribute low-quality art. Art will be removed if it is low-quality, IE no circletool or other shape tool. No morphs either!)
3. No bases or tracing(Use your imagination and skills, make something original!)
4. No trollbait/flamebait!(This shouldn't need explanation.)
5. Keep it to belly and body expansion only, please. Diaper filling doesn't count and is likely against DA's rules anyway.

Want ads

Does Macro, Inflation, Expansion, Symbol designs, NSFW
Does NOT do Blueberry, Scat, Mecha, Loli, Watersports, Farting
Note if you have further questions.
Commission details are under "Commission Status" tab. Will do nearly all fetishes, but not mecha, realism, yaoi or furry/anthro.
AlejandroDelFuego - Link to commission sheet. Will draw traditional sketch, digital sketch, line art, or full color. I am good with nonhumans, especially anthros and aliens. Pregnancy, hyper things, air/water inflation, but not good with fat. PayPal or gift cards from select stores accepted. Talk to me for details, as spots are completely open for now.
WartimeSweets- Digital sketching! Oral vore, stuffing, mpreg and inflation! See price sheet for info.…
Also doing commissions, please note the user for details!
DaeBelly - Send a note with commission details for evaluation.
samboy999 - Looking for requests. To be considered send a note and we can discuss. Additional information on my profile.
cvetkanille Fat/Vore/Stuffing commissions; See price sheet for info.…
sonofss2-version2 - "Can you made a Mammoth Mutt and Zoe Trent inflation picture for my birthday, please?"
If you do commissions, points or paypal, or do requests, let us know! We have a want ad placed on the front page that can guide people to you to commission you!

If you are not already on the list and want to be put on it, please fill out this form!

Commission Price Journal or Info Journal:
What you do:
What you do NOT do:
Payment types you accept:
Additional info:

Once you have it filled out, post the finished form in the comments and you will be added to the want ad list!
More Journal Entries


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Sillyshinystuff Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just curious, where would an inflation base?
DaeBelly Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I'm having a little trouble understanding, could you rephrase the question?
Revivedracer209 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for having my "Fat-Zero" work in your group.
popdude731 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
So... what does it take to put in an ad?
DaeBelly Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2017
What kind of ad? As in you’re doing commissions or looking for people to do commissions for you?
popdude731 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Adopts, sorry for not specifying! 
DaeBelly Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2017
Ah alrighty! Submit it to the YCH, Auctions, etc. folder, no ad needed. If it’s an Ozkvin, please keep that to the Ozkvin group in the adopt folder there!
(1 Reply)
Flagged as Spam
DaeBelly Featured By Owner Edited Oct 6, 2017
The fandom itself is typically all lumped in under inflation as a rule of thumb. Do you really think that it’s that big of a deal? I have complete respect for pregnant women, plus I didn’t make the group. I just run it. Besides, InflationNation has a decent ring to it.

Also it’s censored, and has been for years. If it’s not been taken down by now, then it won’t be.

Honestly, I think you’re the ‘hateful’ one here if anything. You could have been, I don’t know, tolerant enough to take a step back and realize that inflation is a catch-all for belly stuff instead of automatically assuming that we’re insulting people. Plus the comment about nudity(again, censored) makes it look like you’re grasping at straws trying to get at us.

Judging from your account activity and profile comments, you seem to have a history of starting shit up as well. I see your game, and I'll not let you play it with this group.

You're looking for problems where there are none here, bud. Go do something productive instead, it's healthier.
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